Warranty Items

Warranty Items

We understand that on the odd occasion, an item may not be exactly what you was expecting. We work to try and avoid these warranty issues but in the case that you have received a warranty item, then we will try and resolve the issue as quickly as we can and get you back to enjoying your product.

Our Policy

Items for warranty must be genuine warranty and are not covered against general usage, wear & tear, poor maintenance or neglect. All products must be used for the intended use.

Warranty is not transferable and proof of purchase is required for all warranty claims.

Warranty items that have been replaced will be covered by the period equal to the remaining period of the original item.

All items should be fitted in strict compliance with the items instructions and fitted by a fully trained mechanic. Items fitted incorrectly will not be covered by warranty.

In some cases warranty items need to be forwarded to our supplier for a warranty inspection, this can take up to 28 working days.

Making a Warranty Claim

If you feel your item is a warranty item, please email us with photos of the item to sales@vandorm.co.uk. We will then reply with advice on how to proceed with the claim. Please be honest as we would like your experience with us a good one and we want you to leave a happy customer!

Successful Claims

We will look at each claim individually and decide what needs to be done to bring your case to a close. If you claim is successful, you will either receive a replacement or a refund. Unsuccessful claims will be posted back to you.